2015 Taiko Conference will be in Las Vegas!

NATC is headed to the Nevada desert! The Las Vegas Taiko Community will be hosting NATC 2015 on campus at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. For more information about NATC '15 and to cast your vote for the final date selection, check out http://taikocommunityalliance.org/natc.

Taiko Conference on for 2015! RFP open now!

Great news! The Taiko Community Alliance is planning to organize the North American Taiko Conference for 2015 and is currently accepting proposals for location.


Conference is back!

Taiko Conference postponed until 2014

We have just received the following message from the JACCC regarding the next Taiko Conference.

Dear Members of the North American Taiko Community:

With the recent changes in leadership at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC), we have decided to postpone the North American Taiko Conference scheduled for August 2013 to Summer, 2014. We believe that there is not sufficient time to plan and execute the conference in less than a year. Holding the NATC in 2014 will give us ample time to coordinate with the Taiko Community leadership, and put on a well-organized and meaningful conference. The delay in one year would also provide us the adequate lead time to secure funding.

On behalf of the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC), thank you for your continued support of and interest in our activities. We look forward to welcoming you to Los Angeles in 2014.

Bill Watanabe
Interim Executive Director

Ensohza Minyoshu Taiko!

Another video! I *loved* watching Ensohza Minyoshu that night... the singing... the dancing... the drumming... wonderful!


Gorilla sightings

Taiko Conference article on NewMusicBox

Workshop leader, Byron Au Yong, wrote an article about taiko composition for newmusicbox.org! It includes a great video he produced with Chad Williams. Check it out!

Taiko Ten online videos

We've found a few videos from the 2011 Taiko Ten concert online. No sign of the gorilla yet...

Kagemusha Taiko
Sonoma County Taiko
Juni Kobayashi
Stanford Taiko

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