Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a simple and fun way for newer members of the taiko community to meet people and ask questions. 4~6 mentees are paired with an experienced taiko player and can communicate by email prior to Conference. Participants can meet in person at the Opening Session and Taiko Conference professional photographers will take your group's photo, to be posted at

There are no restrictions to participation... if you'd like to meet a few new folks at Conference, sign up! It's a great way to start making meaningful and lasting friendships at Taiko Conference!

Who can be a mentor?

Mentors are self-selecting. While there is no strict rule for required years' experience, we encourage any player with 10 or more years in the taiko community to consider being a mentor. Group leaders, drum makers, taiko pioneers, taiko historians, and academics are also encouraged to mentor.

If you love taiko and feel you could help welcome someone new to our community, please be a mentor!

How to participate

You can elect to participate as a Mentor or Mentee in the "my profile" section of the website. Use the link above and edit the "Mentorship program" section. We'll assign you to your small group soon after your Registration, providing contact information for in-group communication.