Help / FAQ

As we transition to the new site and work out the kinks, we have received a few questions from users. Here is the list of answers thus far. If you have a question not covered here, please ask!


How do I pay by check?
TaikoConference.rog accepts personal checks. Please indicate order number on the check. Personal preferences cannot be set at the website until the check has cleared. Personal and business checks will be held for up to 10 business days to ensure payment clears. Checks should be made payable to the following.

Attn: NATC 2011
244 S. San Pedro Street, Suite 505
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Group Directory

How do I edit our group's blurb in the directory?
Each entry in the Group Directory is "owned" by the author of that entry. If I add "Tweedledoe Taiko" to the list, I become the author of that entry and have the ability to make additions and edit to my entry. If you are the owner of a particular entry, log into the website and click the group name in the Group Directory. You will see an "Edit" tab that you can click to make changes. This "Edit" tab only shows up for the author of that entry. If you are not the original author but would like to make changes, email us and we can transfer ownership of that entry to your username.


How do I specify a roommate?
For the first few days of registration, there was no field for specifying a roommate when purchasing a "shared occupancy" housing product. We have since implemented this field so so that one can enter the roommate's name at purchase time. For those attendees who purchased the product prior to this feature, we will correct the order on our side and contact attendees individually where necessary.

Refunds / Cancellations

If I change my mind later, can I cancel my order?
Maybe. The availability of refunds depends on the date and product type. Before July 1, 80% of all purchases (registration, lodging-related, Taiko Jam tickets) can be refunded. Between July 2 and August 2, 50% of registration fees and Taiko Jam tickets can be refunded but housing and meal plan purchases are non-refundable. After August 3 no refunds can be issued.

I accidentally bought a ticket to Taiko Jam, can I cancel the order?
Yes. A ticket to Taiko Jam is included with every Conference registration. This is a change from previous Conferences, and in some cases the website didn't clearly reflect this change. If you accidentally bought a ticket you don't need, please contact us. If you have suggestions how we might improve the website, let us know.


UPDATE: Participant and Observer slots are sold out. Please see Waiting List info below.

Sold out?! Why can't you take more players?
Though we are encouraged by the rush of enthusiasm and support for the 2011 Taiko Conference, we are very sorry that physical workshop space limits the number of participants and observers we can handle. We are doing everything we can to push this maximum number to the limit while still ensuring a positive experience for all attendees.

How do I register for Conference?
Register for Taiko Conference by purchasing a "registration product" on the Conference Registration page. You can attend Conference as a "Participant", "Youth Program Participant", or "Observer", and each of these options has its own product you can purchase, highlighted in green on the Conference Registration page. You should only purchase one of these options. After completing payment, you are registered for Conference. During the checkout process, you create a username and password (or the system creates one for you) and you will be logged in to When logged in, you can edit your personal profile by clicking "My account" (found near the bottom of the left-hand menu). Also in the "My account" section, Conference participants can make their workshop preference selections, and vendors can manage their Marketplace name tags.

How do I register multiple attendees at one time?
Conference attendees who would like to pay for multiple registrations at the same time should first add a green registration product for themselves as described above, and then use the "Register someone else as a Participant/Youth/Observer" products for each additional attendee. You can add as many additional attendees as desired, but you must specify a unique name and email address for each. We will contact these attendees at the email address you provide and give them the information necessary to access their accounts. Due to our need to manually process these additional orders, there will be a slight delay (less than 12 hours) before additional registrants can log in and select workshop preferences.

Can I sign up for the conference and then come back and sign up for the dorms later if I want to?
Yes, you can buy them separately. Please don't wait until the last minute, however. We are expecting both registration and on-campus lodging to sell out.

Tax-deductible donations

Drummers' Circle donations are tax deductible. The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, federal tax identification number 23-7124042, is a nonprofit organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Waiting Lists

Sold out?! Is there a waiting list?
Yes. We are maintaining waiting lists for Participant and Observer slots. If and when openings become available, we will contact members of this list in order of signup date. Wait-list members will have 48-hours to confirm their purchase of the newly-opened slot, after which time the offer will be made to the next waiting-list member. Although it is not a commitment to buy, please only enter your name on the waiting list if you intend to take advantage of an opening. You can add your name to either or both list by contacting us.

Workshop Preference Selection

What is the due date for making my workshop preference selections?
Friday, July 15, 2011 - 11:59pm PST. After registering for Conference as a "Participant", you can make your workshop preference selections at any time. You can change them as many times as desired until July 15. After this date, your selections will be set, and cannot be changed.

When are participants notified of their workshop assignments?
We are hoping to finalize workshop assignments by the end of July, 2011. Workshop assignments will be displayed in users' "My account" area and we will send an email to participants when the assignments are complete. This is our first time doing this in Drupal (our new website system), however, so our apologies in advance for any delays.

How do I enter my workshop preferences?
Update: Workshop preference selection has closed as we prepare for final assignments.

Workshop preferences can be selected in the "My account" section of the site, accessible after logging in. To log into, enter the username and password you created at checkout (contact us if you've forgotten) on the left-hand side of the website. Once logged in, your username should appear above the left-hand set of links. Click "My account" toward the bottom of this left-hand set of links. Then click "Edit". From here, you can click "my profile" to edit your personal information, and "my workshops" to make your workshop preference selections. Please select four preferences per workshop session.

Taiko Conference workshop preference selection