Thank you everyone!

2011 Taiko Conference was WONDERFUL! Thank you to the 800+ people that made the Summer Taiko Institute, the 48 workshops, the two full-length concerts, and all the informal taiko fun possible. The energy, enthusiasm, and expertise were inspiring! Stay in touch... keep practicing... keep composing... and we'll get to work on the 2013 event!

Videos and photos to be posted here at as they become available!

Taiko Jam tonight!

Join us for the big show of Taiko Conference 2011! Inochi Taiko, Mirai Daiko, Soh Daiko, San Francisco Taiko Dojo, and Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble featuring Kyosuke Suzuki. It's going to be great! Tickets available at the door. Call 951-HOT-KRIS with questions. See you there!

Directions to Stanford campus

In our last planning session, it came to my attention that it's very easy to get lost travelling to Stanford. Apparently GPS systems are somewhat notorious for mis-guiding in the area and to compound the challenge, traffic might be busy on Friday morning.

Please research your route before leaving, and give yourself about 30 minutes to pick up your registration packet and get situated with parking. The Opening Session will begin at 9:30 sharp. Arriving early will make things less stressful for everyone gives us a chance to catch up!

Below are directions to complement your GPS or maps. These are not necessarily the shortest routes... we tried to pick the most straight-forward directions. In a pinch, you can call 860-HOT-YUTA, but please be aware we don't want to tie up the emergency line for too long.

STI started with a bang yesterday and we're really excited about this weekend. Please drive carefully... no accidents coming to Conference!

See you there!!

Kris Bergstrom
Taiko Conference Assistant Coordinator

Note: Stanford Campus has a lot of stop signs and bicyclists have right of way. Please drive slowly!

From El Camino Real (north or south)

Taiko Jam online ticket sales close Friday

Taiko Jam promises to be a fantastic concert! Inochi Taiko, Mirai Daiko, Soh Daiko, San Francisco Taiko Dojo, and Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble featuring Kyosuke Suzuki! Let your Bay Area friends know that Taiko Jam tickets will only be available online until this Friday. Walk-up sales are also possible, assuming the theater doesn't sell out.

(Note that all Taiko Conference Participants and Observers receive one complimentary ticket with their registration. Tickets for Drummers' Circle donors will be at will call under the donor's name.)

See you there!

Thank you Blue Diamond Almond Growers!

Blue Diamond has donated 1000 packets of almonds to Conference! The venue is ready... the drums are arriving... participants are coming in... and now healthy snacks! What could be better? Thank you Blue Diamond!

STI off to a great start

Suzuki Sensei is AMAZING! The lion-dance intensive started off with a remarkable demonstration. Suzuki Sensei is so composed and expressive with the lion... everyone in the room was transfixed. When I picked them up at the end of a full day of dancing, the STI members limped up to the van. Their bodies were exhausted but their spirits were invigorated by the day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Workshops assigned!

Whew! The workshop assignments have been finalized! Participants should receive an email momentarily.

We created a Drupal module that automates much of the assignment algorithm, designed to give each Participant a high probability of receiving at least one high-preference workshop. I'm relieved it worked very well and the numbers are encouraging. Here are some statistics!

462 Participants

48 workshops

10 discussion sessions

166 Participants received all three first workshop choices

Average dis-satisfaction index: 4.55
A first choice workshop counts as 1 point, a second choice workshop 2 points, etc. Perfect workshop assignments is a score of 3 (1pt X 3 workshops) and perfectly awful assignment is a score of 15. The average Participant has a dis-satisfaction index of 4.55. Yahoo!

Parking Permits at Stanford

If you are planning to bring/rent your own car to Stanford, parking permits ($5.00/weekday) are required for on-campus parking on Thursday and Friday. For details, please see our Parking page.

Please make sure to purchase by August 12 to ensure that you have a parking permit!

Stanford University News!

Here's a bit about NATC in the Stanford University News!


If you are interested in purchasing an ad in our Conference booklet (planned to be distributed to 750 Conference participants and staff), please check out these options along with their prices and follow the instructions below.

Full page:
7-1/4”  wide x 9-1/2” tall
Price: $500

Half page (horizontal only):
7-1/4” wide x 4-3/4” tall
Price: $250

Quarter page (veritical only):
3-1/2” wide x 4-3/4’ tall
Price: $125

Business card size (horizontal only)
3-1/2” wide x 2-5/16” tall
Price: $65

Only high resolution PDF files will be accepted. All type should be converted to outlines as we will not assume any responsibility for incorrect font useage.

Please email ad to with the Subject Title, "NATC Booklet Ad"

Ad deadline, no exceptions: July 17, 2011, 11:59 PDT

Payment details will be sent to you once the PDF files have been accepted.

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