Open call for volunteers!

We are opening up 30 slots for those interested in becoming volunteers at 2011 NATC!

If you are able to offer your labor and services to NATC from August 18, 9:00am until August 21, 1:00pm, please fill out this Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

Please act quickly as space is limited!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

Announcing the 2011 NATC Interns!

With the generous support of Summer Taiko at Stanford, we have been able to hire 2 interns that will be working with us from July 5 up until the end of Conference.

Cheryl Tan Yin Yi of Wesleyan University
Emma Ziker of Stanford University

We are very excited for Cheryl and Emma's arrival, along with the new energy that they will be bringing into Conference planning and execution.

Please make sure to say "Hi," whenever you see them!

Observer slots almost sold out

Registrations continue pouring in. There are only about 10 Observer slots remaining so if you're hoping to come to Conference, now is the time to reserve your spot!

Participant slots sold out

Well, that does it! We now have more than 430 Participants registered for Taiko Conference. If you haven't registered but would still like to attend, there are about 30 Observer and 10 Youth Participant slots remaining.

I will be maintaining a Participant waiting list, though I don't expect there to be many additional slots opening in the coming months. Contact us if you'd like to put your name on this list.

Thank you everyone!

Taiko Jam Performers Announced!

10 Participant spots left!

We are down to the wire now for registrations. 10 Participant spots, 13 Youth Participant spots, and 35 Observer spots remain as of 7am on Sat, April 30. Single-occupancy housing (both 2 and 3-night slots) are also about to sell out.

Please don't wait to register if you are planning to attend Conference! Thank you everyone!

Register soon... Conference is filling up. Yahoo!

We are pleased to announce that Conference registrations are more than 80% full! Although we created three due-dates for registration and have only passed the first, it is looking like the Participant registration slots might sell out in the not-too-distant future.

If you have been waiting to register, please don't wait much longer. There are approximately 70 Participant slots, 70 Observer slots, and about 15 Youth Program slots remaining.

Thank you for everyone's enthusiasm and energy. Yuta and the NorCal staff have been working overtime and things are really coming together!


Excitedly announcing that we've surpassed 300 participant registrations!

A flurry of tier-1 registrations!

Thank you to all of the recent registrants! We've filled almost 60% of the registration slots already. Things are hopping here at the site!

Tier 1 early registration ends tonight at 11:59pm PST.


More than two dozen registrations in the first few hours since we're back online. I'm excited about the enthusiasm and embarrassed about the downtime. Sorry to keep everyone waiting!

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