Yurika Chiba

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Yurika Chiba was born in Saitama, Japan and grew up in Toronto, Canada. She began playing taiko in 1995 and has played with groups in Tokushima, Japan and Melbourne, Australia. After moving to northern California in 2001, Yurika played with Sonoma County Taiko where she was a founding member of their Youth Taiko Program and Taiko & Japanese Culture Camp (T&JCC) which is now in its 8th year. Since 2006, Yurika has been performing with San Jose Taiko, and is currently an Artistic Staff Member and instructor for SJT's Junior Taiko program and lead instructor for Summer Taiko at Stanford. Yurika has a degree in Developmental Psychology and is also a visual artist when not playing taiko. She is passionate about creative learning and learning how to be more creative.