Vendor Registration

Sell your wares at the largest gathering of taiko players in the world! Vendors can reserve either a 3'x6' table or a 10'x10' space in the Taiko Marketplace, to be held at Tresidder Memorial Union.

Artists and groups can now have Conference staff sell their products at the Marketplace! For $10/product, we will take your items in stock and sell them for you, with no further commission required. Products should be delivered to the Taiko Conference table in the Marketplace during the Vendor load-in times (see below).

3'x6' table vendors have access to one, standard electrical connection and receive two badges for entry into Marketplace. All sellers must have valid badges to work in the Marketplace. 10'x10' (100 sq/ft) space vendors receive two tables, one standard electrical connection, and three Marketplace entry badges. If you would like to purchase a bigger space within the Marketplace, please add multiple 10'x10' products to your cart (no more than three, please).

See the Conference Schedule for Taiko Marketplace open dates and times.

Vendors will have access to the Marketplace for load-in and setup at the following times.

Vendor load-in / prep:
Thursday, August 18, 10am-4pm
Friday, August 19, 8am-11:30am

Vendor load-out:
Sunday, August 21, 2pm-4pm

For additional information, see the Taiko Marketplace page.