Youth Program

The Taiko Conference Youth Program is designed for players ages 8-16, providing selected workshops specifically designed for younger players.

Parents drop off Youth Program participants at a designated meeting spot and Taiko Conference staff takes over. Youth Program participants are guided to Conference events safely and on time with experienced taiko players on hand for questions and instruction. At the end of the day, parents pick up their kids at the same, convenient location.

We recommend all Youth Program participants be of "intermediate" level. Registering youth should have some basic knowledge and skills of taiko prior to attending the Conference: how to hold the bachi, how to stand, understanding of kuchishoga, experience in playing simple songs.

Participants take part in these specially-designed workshops!
Hip Hop Taiko taught by Bryan Yamami
Are you a young person who loves Taiko? taught by Kelsey Furuta and Kristy Oshiro
Taiko Olympics! taught by Yurika Chiba and Pam Murotsune

Drop-off/Pick-up Schedule
Location: Tresidder Union Parking
Noted as "L-39" on this MAP

  • Friday, August 19
  • Drop-off: 8:30am
    Pick-up: 5:15pm

  • Saturday, August 20
  • Drop-off: 8:15am
    Pick-up: 6:00pm

  • Sunday, August 21
  • Drop-off: 8:30am
    Pick-up: 11:45am

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